That premium $5 Costco lunch.  (Taken with instagram)

That premium $5 Costco lunch. (Taken with instagram)

Two N’s.  (Taken with instagram)

Two N’s. (Taken with instagram)

Sleep, Play, Eat. The simple life!

Sleep, Play, Eat. The simple life!

In the Event of My Demise - Tupac Shakur

In the event of my Demise when my heart can beat no more I Hope I Die For A Principle or A Belief that I had Lived 4 I will die Before My Time Because I feel the shadow’s Depth so much I wanted 2 accomplish before I reached my Death I have come 2 grips with the possibility and wiped the last tear from My eyes I Loved All who were Positive In the event of my Demise

Imagine the world with still him in it.

Chris Brown & Rihanna back together

I just wanna say I like these two artists. They brought great music to the industry and have definitely made their mark in music history. They helped define pop music for the last few years now. 

Anyways, I was listening to the radio at work today and they said that Chris Brown and Rihanna are going to get married. THIS IS THE DUMBEST SHIT IN THE WORLD TO ME, right now. 

First of all Rihanna, you’re defining how typical it is of women to be fucking stupidly in love over and and over again despite being physically and mentally hurt by this dude. You’re a public figure and you’re sending a message out to girls that it’s okay for domestic violence to be happening in this world. It’s ridiculous how you can even think about getting married to some dude that beat the shit out of you, and think that shit won’t happen again. 

See some people fall so deep in love, that they let their feelings and emotions guide them thru their decisions. They forget to think with their minds.  I know, because I’ve met a lot of people personally that are like this. It’s just real stupid to think that once someone’s already done something to you, that they won’t do it again. And here i’m not just talking about domestic violence, this applies to cheating as well. 

Yes, people change, but so will the situations around them. It will change constantly. There is always that chance that at any given opportunity, a person will just change right back to who they were before. 

Just my 2 cents on this topic.

KONY 2012 

First off, I think the KONY 2012 movement is a great example of how the human race can all feel sympathy and passionate for the lives of others that are in unfortunate situations, at least most of us anyways. This is a great cause with a simple motive, and using the social media is honestly the best way to reach out to millions of people all at one time. I commend the work of the Invisible Children Inc and all others involved in the KONY 2012 movement. I will be there to show support for the cause on 4/20. What I do have a problem with though is how some people are criticizing others that have just found out about the Invisible Children, and saying shit like “Why do you care so much now?” Obviously people didn’t know about the topic and now that it has been put out in the open, then it’s only natural for more people to care about it. Just ‘cause you knew about it long ago before the KONY 2012 video exposed it to the rest of the world does not mean you know a lot more about it than other people. Unless you were actively promoting the cause back then, which I have not met anyone that did so, you’re on the same “bandwagon” as everyone else. It’s better late than never, and now that it’s gaining the attention of more people, you should just embrace it and feel even more proud about supporting the cause. Stop being a fucking dickhead acting like you’re better than the rest of us.

I can’t wait ‘til the day that I finally get to say,

“Mom, Dad, you don’t have to work anymore. Relax. I can support you now. Thank you for everything that you’ve done for me.”

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Uncle Glenn and Bratty Fayth!

Uncle Glenn and Bratty Fayth!

Slaters 50/50! Designed my own burger and dubbed it the “Bang That Burger”!

Slaters 50/50! Designed my own burger and dubbed it the “Bang That Burger”!

Sounds like what I had in mind!

Sounds like what I had in mind!

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